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In December 2016, Gottex Brokers entered into a partnership with Compagnie Financière Tradition Group, with a view to developing synergies and expanding both the number and scope of services made available to wholesale and corporate clients worldwide. This partnership will serve to augment the range of tradable products and facilities provided, while promoting the continued development of new technologies and ensuring the highest standards of compliance within the ever-changing regulatory environment.

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Gottex Brokers is a bespoke interbank and institutional broker, specializing in over-the-counter (OTC) interest rate derivatives in a variety of currencies.

With over thirty years’ experience in providing our customers with an elite and tailored service, Gottex remains at the forefront of technological innovation and development in the ever-changing marketplace for interest rate derivatives and fixed income.

As the global reference for Swiss Franc interest rate derivatives, and a dominant force in the

Scandinavian markets, we offer unrivalled, customized solutions to our clients, while maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.

Our experienced and internationally diverse team serves to reinforce the strength of our brand, which has been a hallmark of the OTC derivatives business since its foundation in 1986.

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As the premier interdealer broker for OTC interest rate derivative products in Swiss Francs, Gottex Brokers has retained its position as the benchmark reference for market participants for over 15 years. Building on its traditional domestic client base, Gottex has been able to provide a continuous and evolving service of excellence to Swiss Franc customers worldwide.

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As part of our continued growth in the Scandinavian markets, Gottex Brokers established a branch office in Stockholm in 2015, cementing our commitment to providing our clients with a top-tier service across geographical borders, while increasing the array of interest rate derivatives and fixed income products offered.

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